Why Diesel Motorcycles Don’t Exist


In the last two decades, people and institutions from all over the world have looked for an alternative fuel that could completely replace gasoline. The emissions created from gasoline are destroying the planet because it is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. We cannot continue to use gasoline to fuel our world. So far, electric cars are the only real solution that companies have embraced, but they are not being created on a mass scale like gas-guzzling cars. Only 18 million cars are on the roads in the US, which may sound like a lot of cars, but it is only 7% of all the cars on the road. But there is already a fuel that is quite popular all around the world, diesel fuel. It is one of the popular types of fuel in the world. But why don’t our vehicles use diesel and why don’t motorcycles either?

No matter what types of motorcycles you have, you should always wear clothing that is made for motorcycles. Without motorcycle protective jackets, you aren’t safe from being hurt when you get into a crash, and you hit the ground. And when you have to ride your motorcycle in the rain, if you don’t have a motorcycle rain suit, you will end up soaked at the end of your ride.


One of the biggest reasons why motorcycles don’t use diesel for fuel is the engine size required to process diesel. Diesel engines are much larger than gasoline engines, 25% larger in fact, and that size increase is not stable on a motorcycle. Diesel engine motorcycles would have to be much larger than the sizes of current motorcycles. And heavier engines mean that the total weight of the motorcycle will be heavier, so it will be harder to turn, stop, and slow down.

Another reason against non-diesel engines is there would be a significant decrease in a diesel motorcycle’s ability to hit top speeds. Since the engines are large, they require more torque, which is a major factor why a motorcycle that runs on diesel would not be able to go faster. Even if you don’t like to speed, the drop in top speed would amaze you. You wouldn’t even be able to rev your motorcycles’ engine!! Talk about a lackluster performance!!


If you don’t already know, motorcycles are worse than standard cars when it comes to polluting the atmosphere. Although motorcycles produce fewer emissions on the whole, if you compare their engine sizes and their emission production, motorcycles are the worst offender. So if someone were to create a diesel engine, it would produce much more emission than other motorcycles and most other gas-powered vehicles.

These are the major reasons why a diesel-powered engine would be a terrible idea, so we must turn all of our attention to electric-powered motorcycles and hope it comes soon.

Hopeful the motorcycles of the future will be eco friendly and run completely on electricity so that the atmosphere is poisoned and the air that we breathe isn’t harmful to our bodies. But until that time arrives, we must make sure to buy sustainable clothes. So if you are looking for a great jacket, try a men black leather biker jacket or a men’s leather moto jacket. Leather is a durable material, stands up to the test of time, and it only gets better with age.

It is quite a bummer that motorcycles cannot use diesel for fuel. But no matter what type of fuel your motorcycle uses, you should wear protective clothing that will keep you safe and stylish. If you go to www.wickedstock.com to find all of the great items that you need for the road. For more information, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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