Why Do We All Need Motorcycle Body Armor?


Is it really necessary? Especially in the summer months, wouldn’t it be much better to be dressed comfortably so you could stay loose and maneuverable in order to avoid a crash?

A report published in 2006 titled “The Injury Reduction Benefits of Motorcycle Clothing” states that although protective clothing most likely won’t prevent injury in a high-impact crash, most motorcycle crashes don’t occur at high speed. In fact, it’s been found that almost 75% of motorcycle crashes happen while going less than 35 miles per hour.

It’s also been said that riders who wear leather spend an average of seven days less in the hospital than those who crash while wearing no protection. Motorcycle armor has been proven to reduce the severity of injuries such as road rash when you are forced to dump your bike and go sliding along the pavement.

Time to Get Out There and Ride…Safely

Spring is here and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere are just itching to get out there on the open road. Planning weekend trips or just a nice Sunday ride in the country. The weather is getting warm and I’m sure you’re ready to shed all of that heavy clothing and just feel the breeze blowing past you.

But before you head out, let’s talk about all those people that go “helmet only” in order to adhere to the laws. And there are even plenty of states and I imagine other countries that don’t even make you wear a helmet. Why would anyone want to do that? Those same people are riding around in short pants and tee shirts!

The chances of having an accident on your motorcycle during the course of your riding career are pretty good. And even a minor one where you are forced to dump your bike and slide can cause a whole lot of damage to your body. Not to mention keeping you on the side lines healing while the good riding days are slipping away.

At Least Wear a Jacket

If you are only going to wear one piece of protective gear besides a helmet on your outings this year, at the very least, make it a good strong armored motorcycle jacket. Your upper body will thank you although, your legs might not be so lucky. Leather motorcycle jackets, Textile jackets, Mesh biker jackets, all of these and more are available at www.wickedstock.com.

Armored Motorcycle Pants Can Add Some Joy to Your Day

The preferred choice of many motorcycle riders is a good pair of jeans. They feel that denim is all the protection they need on the road. Wrong! Those cloth jeans might look nice and stylish while you are buzzing along the highway but drop that baby and slide for a bit along the asphalt and you are in for a very unpleasant surprise. Regular jeans will shred away during a slide, along with some of your leg. I’m sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but I’m afraid that it is an uncomfortable but very real fact.

A good strong pair of motorcycle pants will protect your lower body in the event of a crash. These are also available in mesh, leather and textile with armor inserts at www.wickedstock.com.

So, armor up!

You have a decision to make. Do you want to just ride around while unprotected, hoping for the best? Or do you want to go out there and relax while enjoying your favorite pastime?

There are so many choices at WICKEDSTOCK. For the warm months of summer, you can get yourself nice all season motorcycle jackets with removable armor for your knees, elbows and back. You can stay nice and comfortable with the wind blowing through the mesh as you cruise along the highway.

In the cooler months of early spring and late fall, you have leather or textile motorcycle jackets. These are definitely the better choice for protection. And some leather jackets can have some mesh panels included for comfort in warmer weather. But when it gets really hot and you’re tempted to start stripping off the clothing…opt for a light mesh jacket with some CE rated armor to keep you protected and cool.

And don’t forget a good pair of leather or textile riding gloves with knuckle and finger protection.

Ready to roll

Now you’re ready to get out there and enjoy some serious motorcycle riding.

Let’s hop on that bike and ride like the wind!

Remember: WICKED STOCK always offers Free Shipping and Returns

Happy Riding!

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