Why Should You Wear a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?


If you are new to motorcycling, then you might not know why you should wear a leather motorcycle jacket or what kind of benefits it provides. This article will tell you the benefits of having a leather motorcycle jacket and why it is so important for your safety. With protective gear key to being safe on a motorcycle, understanding the reasons why leather provides better protection than any other material is important. There are so many different reasons why leather is a better protective material for motorcyclists and this article aims to provide that information.


If you are new to motorcycling there are several questions that you most likely have asked or thought about. One of the most important factors for any new or even long term motorcyclist is safety. Protection is a major aspect when you are on the road, travelling at high speeds and facing the elements of weather. You might be wondering why you should wear leather motorcycle jacket and if, indeed, there are any benefits.

You should wear a leather jacket because it provides better protection and abrasion resistance compared to any other material. There have been a number of tests to compare other materials to leather and how it protects you during a motorcycle accident. Leather was by far the strongest compared to polyester, nylon and majority of other materials. Whilst synthetics like Polyesters might fare better in certain weather conditions like wind or rain, they will not offer the same protection and abrasion resistance during an accident. Therefore, it is important to consider leather when purchasing a motorcycle jacket.

Another great benefit of leather motorcycle jacket lies in the fact that leather can become like your second skin. If you select the right fit and size for your riding style you will end up having an additional 1.2-1.3mm thick leather protection against your skin.


A leather motorcycle jacket is far more stylish than any other material and packs a punch that will make your friends look twice. There is a masculinity about leather that no other material can match. If you want to get noticed whilst riding your motorcycle, opt for the latest style in leather jackets.

As a motorcycle rider, you might belong to a motorcyclist organization where you get emblems and patches. A leather jacket is the perfect clothing to display your badges and show off to your friends and family. Therefore, choosing a stylish leather jacket will allow you to take pride in your appearance.

Most of all, try to blend style with protection so that you love your jacket in more ways than one. If you have enjoyed reading this article; take a look at our stylish leather motorcycle jackets at Wicked Stock.

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