Why You Need To Wear Motorcycle Gear?

Why You Need To Wear Motorcycle Gear

When you get your first motorcycle, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. You need to obtain your motorcycle driving license.

  2. You must check over your motorcycle to make sure there’s air in the tires, if the blinkers work, and if there’s any damage if you bought it second hand.

  3. See how much gas is in your motorcycle and if you need more.

  4. You need to know where you’re going. (But this is optional)

However, there is a step before the first step that many people completely forget. You need to wear the proper motorcycle clothing and not just basic streetwear that everyone else wears.

You may think it is odd, but many people are out there on motorcycles on the road right now who are wearing flip-flops and small jean shorts. Those who wear basic streetwear while riding on a motorcycle are very foolish and should never be imitated. If you are truly serious about motorcycle safety, you must be clothed head to toe in proper motorcycle gear.

Do you know Motorcycle leather pants are the safest alternative for bikers?

Those who do not take the time to properly research motorcycle gear consider the helmet to be the only piece of equipment they need on their body. So, you will see irresponsible motorcycle drivers in flip-flops and spaghetti strap camisoles while wearing a helmet.

Wearing regular clothes is extremely dangerous when you drive on your motorcycle, even if you are only driving through the streets at 20 to 40 miles per hour. It is so dangerous; surprisingly, it’s not illegal. It is the equivalent of a car or truck driver not having a front windshield on their vehicle.

If a person is not wearing proper motorcycle gear when they are in an accident, their injuries will be harsher, and they will suffer worse wounds. This goes double if they skid across the asphalt, as street clothes can’t withstand grinding against the rough road.

So what clothes do I need to wear?

They are four pieces of clothing that all motorcycle owners must wear: gloves, pants, a jacket, and boots. There’s also an option to forgo pants and a jacket and wearing an entire suit. Wearing a pair of motorcycle riding gloves will protect your hands from friction as you grip your handlebars to control your vehicle’s speed. Also, the weather is a major issue when you are a motorcycle owner. So, a motorcycle rain suit is a great way to stay dry and protect your internal organs. If you’re not big on suits, consider wearing rain pants with side zippers to keep your bottom half dry and secure all of the items in your pocket. Lastly, a men’s leather moto jacket will protect your upper body with its protective build and padding.

Do I need to wear my motorcycle gear all the time?

Yes. Every time you sit on your motorcycle and start the ignition, you should have on all of your motorcycle gear. It doesn’t matter if you are just going around the block to the liquor store to grab a bag of chips. Most vehicle or motorcycle accidents happen when a person is driving around their home or their work.

So where should I go to buy motorcycle gear? Also, I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

You can visit many websites to find motorcycle clothing, but many of these sites are overpriced. However, if you go to wickedstock.com, you will always get a good deal along with great customer service and fast shipping times. So not only will you save on all of your new motorcycle clothing, the money can go directly into your motorcycle’s tank as a fresh gallon of gas. So go to www.wickedstock.com today or check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page to see our latest clothes and fashion.

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