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Here at Wicked Stock, we have the know-how to help you with all your leather, textile, and mesh needs. When you come to Wicked Stock to get a new jacket, racing or cruising suit, leather pants, or a vest, using your exact measurements, we can custom tailor the perfect fit.

The new garment will be tailored to fit your body like a glove, a snug fit offers better comfort, protection, and you will look great. Don’t worry; any alterations involve placing the armor pockets in the right place for the best protection.

Air vents will be efficiently re-constructed for max cooling on warms days.

How About Repairs?

We do custom tailoring and repairs on all materials that motorcycle clothing is manufactured from, textiles, mesh, and yes, leather. If your motorcycle leathers need to be tailored or repaired, we can do that too, as close as possible to new.

We also repair damaged materials using extreme care to make it look like new. We match the material by color, texture, and thickness with a proficiency matched nowhere else. You need a leather jacket altered for a better fit, and we can do that.

You need a pair of leather, textile, or mesh pants let out or taken in, and we can do that. Be forewarned garments can be let out so far due to material shortage. Your racing or touring suit fits a little loose; we can snug it up for you.

No need to throw out that old motorcycle jacket you took a nosedive in; we can repair to like-new condition. When you contact Wicked Stock about doing tailoring, provide your measurements with the request.

How to Measure

Chest: Keeping the horizontal tape measure the fullest part of your chest going under your arms.

Waist: Tape horizontal, measure the natural waistline, keep in line with the navel.

Hips:  Measure about 20 cm below the waistline at the fullest part of the hips, tape horizontal.

Thigh: Measure just below the crotch around the leg, tape horizontal.

Inseam: Stand up straight, have someone measure from the crotch to where your foot touches the floor.

Sleeve: Stand up straight, arms at your side, arms slightly bent. Have someone measure from the shoulder to the wrist bone following the arm.

Shoulder Width: Shoulders relaxed, have someone measure the broadest part of your shoulders across the upper back, 1 – 2 inches below the neckline.

Get It to Us

Here is how we recommend you ship the item to be custom-tailored or repaired to our shop. Use the carrier of your choice, preferably one that includes tracking and insurance. Your shipment must be prepaid, no CODs. Once the garment is repaired or custom-tailored, it will be shipped back to you within 3 to 5 business days.

Wicked Stock is now your one-stop-shop for all your motorcycle apparel and gear needs.

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