Will My Mesh Jacket Protect Me???

The warm summer months are almost upon us. That means a whole lot of riding opportunities. But that also means a hot sweaty ride, especially if you’re still wearing that thick leather jacket from the cooler months. In the days of old, when the warmer weather rolled around you would be forced to either take off your heavy leather jacket and ride in just a tee shirt or light windbreaker. Neither one is recommended. You still want that added layer of protection against the rain and the very real possibility of having a mishap on your bike. 

The More Inexpensive Natural Alternative

The natural alternative would be Motorcycle mesh jackets. Although these are the more inexpensive motorcycle jackets on the market today, and they do offer protection, the fact is that they provide the least of it in the motorcycle jacket family. So, it would probably be a smart idea to do your due diligence while shopping for one so that you will get the proper liners and protection offered.

Less Protection. Or Just as Much?

Does “less” protection mean you won’t be safe while going to work or enjoying a ride around the countryside? Not necessarily. While mesh motorcycle jackets do not provide the same level of protection as their leather and textile counterparts, they still offer many of the same safety features, but with much better vented airflow, allowing for much more comfort on your summer forays. But the question still remains; will this mesh motorcycle jacket protect you when you are forced to “dump” your bike? Which, in all probability, could very well happen sometime during your riding career.

Well, most all of the mesh motorcycle jackets online available at WICKED STOCK are made of 600 Denier Polyester Fabric or, 600D for short. ‘Denier’ is a unit of measurement used to measure the density or thickness of yarn. The higher the number, the thicker the fabric and hence more protection. 600 Denier has become a standard thickness for motorcycle jackets and pants and provides great abrasion resistance.

The Armored Mesh Jacket

All of the mesh motorcycle jackets available at www.wickedstock.com are equipped with five pre-installed pieces of CE certified armor, strategically placed at the elbows and shoulders. All the jackets come with a half-inch thick back pad. 600 Denier polyester mesh is known as one of the toughest mesh fabrics on the market today. It is well suited for excellent abrasion resistance. So, with 600D, you are protected from scrapes and “road rash” while still maintaining a level of comfort that you wouldn’t have wearing a heavy, bulky leather or textile jacket.

Comfort and Protection

Many mesh motorcycle jackets online have a built-in waterproof breathable liner, to help you stay dry in the rain but, the master designers at WICKED STOCK have taken it a big step further, creating removable thermal liners for some of the jackets. This option will not only keep you warm on a chilly summer evening, but will also allow you to get some use out of your mesh motorcycle jacket in the spring and early fall. And, since we are talking about safety. There is also the idea of riding at night. Our great designers have added enough Hi-Viz stripes and reflective panels so you can be seen and noticed on the road.

Now if you’re ready to shop for your mesh motorcycle jackets online, come on over to www.wickedstock.com. We have a wide variety of motorcycle mesh jackets to choose from. And we always offer Free Shipping and Free Returns. So, you just can’t go wrong. And you will be more than ready to be comfy & cozy while out enjoying your favorite pastime.

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