Wind: A Danger to Riders Who are Unprepared


Rain and snow are not the only elements that motorcycle riders have to battle against. Strong winds can be a nuisance to those who are driving on freeways and roads that have no buildings or structures on either side. So what should a motorcycle rider do if they suddenly caught in the middle of strong winds? We have written a quick guide for you to follow in case you’re ever in this situation.

One of the most stylish clothing pieces to wear while driving on the open road is a motorcycle riding jackets. The flair and uniqueness that the jacket can add to your overall look will improve your style immensely.


Road Curves

One way that wind makes riding a motorcycle so dangerous is affecting how you tilt on road curves. When a motorcyclist has to turn on road curves, they tilt their bodies and their bikes away from the direction of the turn. However, if there is a strong gust of wind blowing in the direction of the turn, they could lose control and tilt too far, causing the rider to crash. If there is a gust of wind coming from the opposite direction, they may feel unstable and not tilt enough. Not tilting enough will cause them to drive across lanes and put themselves and others in danger.

When controlling your bike and its speed, you need to wear a good pair of motorcycle riding gloves. Gloves created for riding will keep your hands warm, and the material will provide you with more tractions and grip so you can easily hold onto your handlebars and have better control of your speed.


Flying Objects

Another danger you must watch out for when you are riding your motorcycle in windy weather is flying objects. The wind picks up all kinds of different things from the ground, including leaves and trash. Wind also brings about more bugs, and there can even be small showers throughout the day.

When you notice that there is more flying debris in the air, you must not keep your eyes locked on the front of the road. You have to constantly be aware of your surroundings in case a piece of trash tries to fly into your helmet and blind you. It could also be many items scattered on the road that make driving more dangerous, such as logs, ropes, and water.

If you drive in windy weather that has come directly after a storm, then there may be more showers and rain today. So until you see completely clear skies, you should wear a motorcycle rain suit, which will protect your clothing underneath the suit so you can stay dry and warm. If you don’t want to wear an entire suit, you can wear waterproof motorcycle pants, because there’s nothing worse than wearing wet underwear!


Practice When You Can!

The only way to mentally prepare yourself for the obstacles you will face when driving in windy weather is to practice. However, this is more difficult than you would think. Windy weather is less common than foggy or rainy weather, so it is nearly impossible to know when wind without rain or snow will appear in your area. But when the day finally comes and there’s a strong breeze in your area, you have to quickly take advantage of the opportunity.

No matter how you handle the winds, every motorcycle riding must wear the proper gear to be safe in the event of an accident and look good while riding throughout the city or the countryside. If you don’t have the right motorcycle riding gear or what you currently own is quite old, go to to find everything you need. There’s no excuse not to have the gear or clothing that is vital to your health and well-being!

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