The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Season Riding


It’s finally spring! Time to dust off that hog and head out on the highway. Right? Not so fast. There’s some prep work you have to complete first. That is if you want to stay safe and have your motorcycle keep running good throughout the summer months and into the fall. Until it’s time to put it away for another long winter’s nap.

Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts to get you started on your way.

Out With the Old And In With the New (Fuel That Is)

Do remember that gasoline is a very refined chemical composition, which will deteriorate very quickly. After just a few months, the more combustible elements of gasoline will have already evaporated. This will cause your bike to run rough…or not at all. Also, while sitting in the tank, the gas can react with oxygen to form varnish deposits within the fuel system. This can clog lines, filters and injectors. Condensation can form in the tank, adding water to the gasoline. This can lead to severe problems.

Don’t put your motorcycle away for the winter without draining the tank or at least adding a fuel stabilizer which can extend the life of your gas for a year or more.

Just a Trickle Should Do the Trick

Do keep your motorcycles battery on a trickle charger when you’re not riding it. This will help add years to its life. The ideal would be to keep it on a low voltage charge throughout the winter months, but if you didn’t? Be sure and check the battery’s fluid levels before charging it and top off any low cells. If you hook the battery up to a charger and nothing happens? Don’t despair, but it is probably too far gone and you will want to get a replacement battery quick, so you don’t lose any precious riding time.

Check Those Tires

Your motorcycles tires should be given a once over every time you go out for a ride. But it is even more important that they are properly inflated and in good condition after a long winter.  Examine them for cracks and rot, and make sure there is plenty of tread on them. If not, then maybe it is a good time to replace them so you will have good sturdy rubber for the upcoming riding season.

Don’t be that guy who tries to “squeeze” a few more miles out of his motorcycle tires. Believe me, it’s just not worth it!

Change That Oil

Don’t forget to change your oil and filter. If you didn’t do it as part of your winterization plan, then it would be a very good idea to do it now before entering the new riding season.

Do remember that regular changing of the oil will prolong the life of your coveted motorcycle.

Don’t Forget the Brake Fluid

One of the most neglected things on a motorcycle is the brake fluid. Ideally you would do a complete flushing of the brake fluid and replace it with new. But at the very least, do top it off as needed. Remember, your brakes are your friend.

The other forgotten fluid is coolant. Be sure and check that your coolant level is up to spec. Having your motorcycle overheat out in the middle of nowhere will most definitely ruin your day.

Clean It Up and Make It Shine

The last step before hitting the road is to clean that baby up. It’s the beginning of a whole new season of adventures on the road and you’re going to want that hog to look as good as you feel. So why not wash and wax it up. Make it shine!

Now get out there and hit the highway already.

Now You’re Ready to Roll

Now I know that you’re anxious to get out there and ride. But do get suited up properly with your leather or textile motorcycle jackets. has a wonderful selection to choose from. And, of course you will want to consider a motorcycle rain jacket for those sudden summer storms. Perhaps some men leather motorcycle pants as well, to keep you safe on your rides.

Do Watch Out For Dangers. Don’t Become a Statistic

That first ride of the year can turn out to be the most dangerous. There is a lot to watch out for. Remember, they have been salting and sanding the roads all winter. Until some good rainstorms wash them away, they will be gathering on different parts of the road, especially at corners and intersections. And don’t forget those nasty potholes. They are plentiful just after the winter.

Get out there and enjoy.  Visit We always have free shipping and returns.

Happy Riding!

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