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At WICKED STOCK we have a pair of motorcycle pants for every rider out there! Our huge selection of motorcycle pants covers all styles of riding, all seasons and all types of weather conditions.

Safety, Comfortable fit, Style, durability and protection from weather conditions are the most important factors we consider while designing and manufacturing our motorcycle pants.

Safety is at the forefront of all our pant designs. Every motorcycle pant we manufacture comes pre-installed with CE rated armor in knees and hips. All the armor conforms to EN1621-1 CE Standard, no exceptions. Our Motorcycle Leather Pants are constructed from race grade leather which is 1.2-1.3 mm thick. With this thickness the leather provides maximum abrasion resistance and still feels comfortable. All our TEXTILE MOTORCYCLE PANTS are made of highly abrasion and scuff resistant Nylon and Polyester materials. Most of the textile motorcycle pants have a base shell that is made from at least 600 Denier fabric. Many pants designs use 1080 Denier and heavier panels on strategic impact areas like knees, hips and butt.

Our designers make sure not to sacrifice comfort for anything else and this reflects in the design of every motorcycle pant we carry. Use of extensive stretch panels in waist, groin and calf areas provide ergonomic fit and keep you comfortable on the longest of rides.

What type of motorcycle you ride? Cruiser, sport, touring, sport-touring, adventure, off road you name it and we got myriad styles of pants for you to choose from. Just enter your motorcycle style in search bar and our user-friendly website will guide you through the selection process.

An important point to note is that abrasion resistance can not be measured by the material alone, the stitching that joins those leather or textile panels must be equally strong. At WICKED STOCK best in class threads are used for stitching the motorcycle pants.

All our TEXTILE MOTORCYCLE PANTS offer Jacket-Pants connection using standard 8-inch integration zipper. Motorcycle Leather Pants provide same functionality via 360-degree zippers. This feature allows you to connect your pants and jackets.

We have four-season pants that will allow you to ride safely and comfortably throughout the year. Depending on the style and use, many of the TEXTILE MOTORCYCLE PANTS come with removable thermal liner that provide warmth and comfort on cold rides. You can remove the liner and use the same pants for warmer rides while using the ventilation. All four-season pants have built in breathable waterproof liners to keep you dry.

We also carry many models of over pants that you can slip on your regular clothes for daily commutes. These over pants also provide waterproofing and CE rated protection like all other motorcycle riding pants.

Finally, we also manufacture wide variety of plain Water Proof Pants that you can use to stay dry and comfortable while riding. These are very light weight and easy to carry in your back pack or saddle bag.

Our flexible exchange policy and very carefully curated size charts will help you in picking the best size you need. We have online chat as well as phone support standing by to help for any questions you may have.